1st and 3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Plans 2018-2019

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Would you like a peek into our homeschool curriculum plans for our 1st grader and 3rd grader this year?  I did a Facebook Live video to share a bit of our plans!

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1st and 3rd Grade Together

Early American History: 

reading with mom, reading independently, morningtime, reading journal


Birds and other Flying Creatures 

Exploring Creation with Zoology 1

Other bird books and resources for our studies

And, of course, our Morningtime

Homeschool Curriculum 1st and 3rd Grade Facebook Live

3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Plans


Saxon 5/4


Latin For Children, Primer A 

Streaming video/audio from Classical Academic Press


Writing and Rhetoric 1

Helpful resource to understand this approach to classical composition


30 minutes practice/day

1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum Plans


Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading


Math-u-See Beta

Curriculum Planning is fun…and so is the daily work of education!

Questions?  Drop them in the comments!  Be sure to follow Humility and Doxology on Facebook and Instagram to see how these plans play out through the year.

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