3 Easy Tips for Teaching Bible Memory Verses to Kids

3 easy tips for teaching bible memory verses to kids
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Want to include more Bible memory verses in your homeschool or family life? Here are 3 tips to help make Scripture memorization easier for any age range of kids! Check out these easy strategies for bringing more of God’s Word into your homeschool Morning Time or family devotions!

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homeschool family 3 easy tips for teaching bible memory verses to children

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1. Use Hand Motions for a Multi-Sensory Approach to Memorizing the Bible

Hand motions aren’t just for little kids! Even teens and adults find that incorporating hand motions makes it easier to memorize new Bible verses.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to have a hand motion for every single word.

Look for repeated or other key words in the passage, and focus on those. These key moments will be memory hooks as you teach and recite memory verses with your kids.

For example, this summer I taught 1 John 1:5-9 at our church’s VBS. Words like “message” and “truth” that related to God’s Word corresponded to an opening-book motion with our hands. For “light” I used an ASL sign for light that I found online. For “deceive” and “lie” we put our hands in front of our mouths. I also used simple motions for a few other words and phrases.

The key thing to remember with hand motions is to keep them simple and memorable. We don’t want the motions to detract or distract from God’s Word. Instead, we want the motions to make it easier to memorize the Bible verses we’re learning.

2. Use Responsive Reading for Longer Passages in Homeschool Morning Time

In our homeschool Morning Time routine, I often include longer passages of Scripture in our memory work and recitation time.

We have found that using a responsive reading approach makes it easier to memorize the Bible verses, and also helps us pay closer attention to a longer chapter.

The procedure for this is very simple. First, I find the passage in my translation of choice at BibleGateway online. Next, I copy and paste the desired Bible verses into my word processor.

I divide the passage into smaller chunks. Often it is easiest to just separate at the verse divisions, although sometimes I make exceptions for ease of recitation. I then alternate light print/ bold print throughout the passage.

Watch us responsively reciting Psalm 51 in our homeschool Morning Time:

3. Setting Bible Verses to Music Makes Memory Work Even Easier

I find that when it comes to short passages of Scripture (a verse or two), the easiest way to hide it in our hearts is with song. Here are a few of our favorite resources to help us sing the Bible and memorize God’s Word:

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Bonus Tips to Help Homeschool Families with Bible Memory

Here are a few more strategies to help hide God’s Word in the hearts of your children:

  • Copywork: trace or copy Bible verses
  • Audio Bible: have your children listen to God’s Word as they go to sleep, ride in the car, or enjoy quiet play time
  • Illustration: print out a copy of the Bible verse your memorizing and have your children color or illustrate the verse
  • Post it: include Bible verses as home decor, write verses in dry erase markers on your bathroom mirrors, or write short sections on post-it notes to change out through the week
  • Translate: learning another language? Try translating the verse from English into your secondary language, then compare with a Bible translated in that language
  • Pray: use the verses you’re memorizing as a spring board for your family prayers. We are to pray in God’s will, and we know when we pray His word back to Him that is exactly what we’re doing!
  • Apply: don’t be mere hearers of the Word. By God’s grace, apply the verses you’re memorizing through the day in your actions
1 Corinthians 13 copywork memory work homeschool morning basket

And don’t forget the value of memorizing Bible passages as a homeschool parent, too!

More Helpful Bible resources for Christian Homeschool Families

Check out my Ultimate Guide: What Every Child Should Know About the Bible and grab my free Bible memory work printables.

Listen, watch, or read my interview with my own husband, John! He gave some great encouragement and tips for getting started in a simple, humble way with family devotions.

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