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Easy Silver Polishing Hack with Kitchen Items. And Homeschool Chemistry…

Imagine my delight when I learned of a magical silver polishing hack using simple ingredients from my kitchen! And it doubles as a chemistry lesson for my kids!  If only I had paid more attention in chemistry during highschool, maybe I would have been using my silver more often.  This is homeschool science at its finest.

Planning Curriculum

4 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Start Planning or Shopping for Curriculum

I’m starting to see the giddiness of families making educational choices for next year!  It is exciting to head to a convention or curriculum fair and see all the bright shiny new choices as you’re planning next year’s curriculum.  It’s like Christmas to flip through a catalogue or browse an online market full of books …

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mother's memories of her sons and little boys growing into men

He mowed the grass today

This captures a memory when my oldest son mowed the lawn for the first time.  That little boy’s head is no longer under my chin and my littlest boy is similarly growing up. Mothers love seeing their sons and daughters growing up. It brings wistfulness, and also joy.

Bad Gardeners grow weeds, good gardeners grow plants, great gardeners grow soil

Grow Your Soil

“A bad gardener grows weeds.  A good gardener grows plants.  Great gardeners grow soil.” Although the source of this quote was speaking of a literal garden, thoughts began swirling as to the implications of this concept in all areas of my life. 

Day in the Life with a 12, 10, 7, 5, and 2 year old

Day in the Life 2018 (with a 12, 10, 7, 5, and 2 year old)

Simple Homeschool Day in the Life series. Each week, we try to faithfully persevere by God’s grace through our routines with consistency, although strict scheduling does not work well for our daily life. Our life is full and wonderful.  It is an odd mix of the mundane and the crazy.  While every “day in the life” looks rather different, each day we seek to approach in humility and repentance, looking to Jesus with hearts full of praise.

Morning Time Gathering Homeschool

Our Morning Gathering: Memory, Laughter, and Relationship      

Morningtime provides the framework for my ultimate goal in education: raising people who believe what is true, honor what is noble, stand uncompromisingly for what is just, keep their desires pure, love things that are lovely and relish those things that are praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8). Our morning gathering lends great joy to this crazy family life. It builds memory, laughter, and relationship into our days.

Gifts to my future self

High Five, Future Self

February can seem a bit weary and dreary.  But there are several little happy gifts you can prepare today to give your future self! Today  I am over guest posting at my friend Lynna’s blog, Homeschooling Without Training Wheels, giving four tips beyond the basics of, “don’t wait until you run out of toilet paper to …

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