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Pi Day Homeschool

Pi Day Party Resource Round-up

March 14, 3.14, is everyone’s favorite Pi (π) Day. In this post you will find a round-up of amazing videos, books, art projects, music, recipes, and math activities to delight all ages. Combine the glories of math with the deliciousness of pie (both dessert and savory)?  I am All In!

3 extrovert mom myths, personality types, Humility and Doxology

3 Myths About Extrovert Moms

Internet meme and stereotype culture has met up with the popular fascination with personality types.  Introverts, extroverts, ambiverts…there’s sure to be a meme with your name on it! While many of these make me laugh, there are a few myths about my fellow extrovert mamas that I think need to be addressed. Plus, a Homeschool Extrovert Mom Party: and you’re invited!

Joy in New Year

19 Simple Ways to Pursue Joy in the New Year

What if there were some simple ways to bring joy to the New Year? What if we didn’t try to change the whole world (or the whole year) this time? What if we just choose to do one simple thing today to bring joy to our own lives and the lives of our neighbors…