Homeschool Art Made Simple: 10 Tips For All Ages

homeschool art made simple 10 tips for all ages

We know that including art in our homeschools is valuable, but sometimes it feels overwhelming. Where do we find the time? And what if we aren’t super artistic ourselves? Here are 10 easy ways every family can include art in their homeschool with any age!

Homeschool Art Made Simple: 10 Tips For All Ages

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Morning Masterpiece

Does your family begin the day with a Morning Time routine? It’s easy to add art to your Morning Basket!

Art-Infused Story Time

Literature and the visual arts make a great combination! In fact, there’s a whole genre of poems called ekphrastic poetry that is inspired by works of art. Look for ways to use your love of books to build a love for art in your homeschool.

  • Poems and Art make a great combination! I mentioned ekphrastic poems already, but you can also experiment with blackout poetry, concrete poems, and more.
  • Get in the habit of choosing beautifully illustrated picture books and ask questions while you read. What medium did the artist use? What colors did they choose and why? Do these illustrations remind you of any other books you’ve read?
  • Create art projects inspired by a story you’re reading.
literature based Homeschool Art Made Simple: 10 Tips For All Ages

Historical Art Adventures

Homeschool history studies come alive when we include art projects in our plan!

textbook free history Homeschool Art Made Simple: 10 Tips For All Ages
  • You don’t have to come up with everything on your own. My kids loved their experience with the Hands-On History Project Kit from Sonlight
  • Keep a history journal with sketches, maps, and diagrams. This also works well when studying geography.
geography themed Homeschool Art Made Simple: 10 Tips For All Ages

Math Meets Homeschool Art

STEM, meet STEAM! You and your kids will be fascinated to see the many ways math and art intersect! 

math blocks Homeschool Art Made Simple: 10 Tips For All Ages

Science Sketches

It is natural to add sketching to your science studies!

  • Consider adding a nature journal routine to your homeschool day
  • Encourage your children of all ages to keep a science lab notebook with illustrations of what they’re learning or of their experiments
  • Think beyond the sketchbook and create murals, dioramas, or 3-D models! Even playdough is an easy medium for kids to use regularly to model their science lessons.
hands on science Homeschool Art Made Simple: 10 Tips For All Ages

Learn from the Masters

Few things inspire us as much as observing the work of the great artists from the past as well as contemporary artists! It’s best, of course, if you can tour a museum in person.

museums Homeschool Art Made Simple: 10 Tips For All Ages

But virtual art museum tours are a great option, especially if you’re worried about tiny fingers touching a Picasso. Here are a few you may enjoy:

  1. The Louvre Museum (Paris, France)
  2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met, New York City, USA)
  3. British Museum (London, UK)
  4. National Gallery of Art (Washington, D.C., USA)
  5. The Vatican Museums (Vatican City)
  6. Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, USA)
A Sunday on La Grande Jatte Suerat
A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Suerat is one of many paintings available in the public domain for personal study.

Art Classes for Kids (in person)

There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing art instruction to the experts! In fact, it can be a great option for busy homeschool families, moms who feel ill equipped to teach art on their own, and kids who are especially excited (or nervous) about art.

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And it doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive. Many libraries and community centers offer free or inexpensive art programs for kids, teens, and adults. Often art museums will also offer special programs, frequently themed around their exhibits. And paint your pottery shops of various sorts are easy to find all around the country. You may also be able to get discounted group rates on many of these programs  if you can gather a few other interested homeschool families to join you.

Online Art Lessons for Kids

What if you still want to outsource lessons, but you need to do it from home? Online art classes can be a great fit for all ages!

sparketh homeschool online painting courses for kids

Sparketh is an online art course hub with lessons for every medium, age, and ability! I have been seriously impressed by how easy the course website is to navigate. You can search courses by ability (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), subject (art, baking, drawing, painting), course type, instructor, and material. But the thing I really love is that you can also sort the lessons by length of time, which is perfect for busy homeschool family life realities! Click here and give your kids a great art education at home with 1000+ courses to choose from.

sparketh online homeschool painting courses for kids

Other popular online art lessons for homeschool kids include, Masterpiece Society, and Delightful Art Co. You can also find many free art resources, although those often come with unwanted ads and are much more difficult to navigate.  

Fine Art Fridays

Sometimes it’s easier to assign art to one day a week rather than trying to fit it into the midst of your busy homeschool schedule. Some families enjoy something they call Fine Art Fridays. It’s a great way to bring the whole family together across multiple grades for some hands-on learning fun. Of course, don’t let the alliteration hold you hostage… you can enjoy art whichever day of the week best fits your family routine! (Monet Mondays, perhaps?)

chalk pastel fine art friday Homeschool Art Made Simple: 10 Tips For All Ages

Night of the Arts

When I was growing up, our homeschool group hosted a Night of the Arts as the grand finale of our homeschooling year. We could share pieces of visual art, act out a skit, or perform a piece of music.

Even if you can’t do something like this with your homeschool community, look for ways to meaningfully celebrate your children’s artist endeavors. Perhaps you could create a mini museum or art show in the living room and invite grandparents or a few close friends. 

How will you bring art into YOUR homeschool this week?

I hope now you see that including art in your homeschool doesn’t have to be complicated. Don’t try to implement all these ideas at once. Pick one or two ideas and begin to simply integrate art into your daily or weekly homeschooling routine.

Purposefully including art in our homeschools fosters creativity and wonder. It can also be a way to facilitate family bonding as we make messes (and memories) together. I can’t wait to hear the creative ways you incorporate art in the weeks ahead!

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