Textbook-Free Science: all the resources you’ll need to learn about WEATHER in your homeschool!

Homeschool Science Weather
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Want to explore the topic of weather in your homeschool science? Here’s a complete textbook-free resource guide for your homeschool learners! All ages are sure to enjoy this homeschool science weather study!

Our family keeps science pretty simple in the elementary years. We follow interests (in this case, my daughter’s curiosity about the weather). We read lots of good books. We explore simple hands-on activities and nature walks. We watch some videos. We incorporate nature journaling into our normal reading journal routine. Mostly, we just have fun!

rainy day nature walk

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Here are some fabulous resources you can use to customize a textbook-free weather curriculum in your homeschool:

Weather Book List:

Nature Study Guides:

We really enjoyed our first experience with the NaturExplorers guides. It was these guides, for example, which taught us how us to create a homemade barometer. We also loved the printable rainy day nature walk scavenger hunt! Try Captivating Clouds, Remarkable Rain, or Snow and Ice to accompany your own weather studies!

Include books from nonfiction, fiction, and poetry genres for a well-rounded approach to the study of weather.


  • Today and Today, haiku by Issa and illustrated by G. Brian Karas
    Beautiful illustrations accompany poems by one of the great masters of traditional Japanese haiku
  • A Child’s Calendar, poems by John Updike and illustrations by Trina Schart Hyman


Water Cycle:



Severe Weather:

General Weather Books:

Homeschool Science: Hands-On Weather Projects and Activities

  • Make clouds out of cotton balls: a simple craft activity that reinforces cloud classification
  • Create your own weather tracking charts (and now you can check off math, too!)
    • Temperature line graph
    • Rainfall bar graph
  • Write a weather-themed haiku
  • Demonstrate the water cycle in a baggie
    • Take a sealable baggie and draw/label 3 arrows representing the water cycle (condensation, precipitation, evaporation)
    • Fill with ¼ cup of water. Seal the top. Tape to a sunny window.
    • Observe
water cycle demonstration homeschool science weather
  • Homemade barometer
homemade barometer for homeschool weather science studies

Homeschool Science: Weather Poems to include during Morning Time, use as memory work, or just enjoy any time!

I’ve curated 11 poems you can enjoy alongside your science studies! Print them out and recite them together, or read them aloud to your children while you’re drawing pictures of your favorite types of weather.

An additional fabulous poem you may also enjoy is unfortunately not in the public domain, so I can’t reproduce it in my memory work pack. Be sure to check out “Weather” by Eve Merriam!

Homeschool Science: Weather Related Field Trips

Homeschool Science: YouTube Videos all about the Weather

You can click on the individual links below, or head to my YouTube channel where I’ve rounded them all up into 1 playlist.

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Other episodes to stream:

Further Meteorological Exploration:

Fun Meteorological Tools and Toys

SmartLab Toys You-Track-It Weather Lab

Rain Gauge

Outdoor Thermometer

homeschool science weather


homeschool science weather

Analog Weather Station

homeschool science weather


homeschool science weather

What’s your favorite kind of weather?

hands-on homeschool science: weather

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