What We’re Reading Lately April 2018…and to-do list craziness

reading lately, to do list craziness, encouragement
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Oh, friends.

My brain may have melted into an end-of-school-year puddle.

My to-do list is not so much a bullet journal as it is just a barrage of bullets streaming towards me!

Engage Evasive Maneuvers!

My journal has sermon notes and prayer requests and Acts Bible study notes toe to toe with reminders to update transcript records, balance the checkbook, and plan the end-of-year field day for our homeschool group.

Humility and Doxology joined Instagram, and I’ve been enjoying learning how to be active there.  But it still scares me just a little bit!

Our family had a wonderful end-of-year homeschool choir spring concert.  We celebrated Poem in Your Pocket Day. We’ve enjoyed numerous fieldtrips, with more ahead on the calendar.  Baseball and Softball take up almost every evening and Saturday.

I’ve signed up for a 28 day spring cleaning challenge, and a 5 Day Sibling Strengtheners challenge.

And that to-do list just keeps getting longer.

Yep. I’m thinking some evasive maneuvers might be necessary right about now.

Maybe at least some coffee or fizzy water?

Maybe taking a night off and reading a book just for fun?

Because…so much crazy brain right now!

Can you relate?

I sat down at the keyboard intending just to type a simple “What We are Reading Lately” post.  Apparently, it was important to first say this:

“Hey, friend; hey, stranger.  It’s going to be ok.  The lists are long and keep getting longer.  Do the next thing.  Do it with humility.  Do it with praise. Do it with joy.  Do it with love. It’s ok to feel discouraged and tired and maybe a bit grumpy.  But don’t let that define you or your relationships. Sometimes it’s ok to accidentally-on-purpose lose the to-do list and take your kids to the park to meet friends for the first time in forever, or to read that suspenseful novel.  We can be diligent and self-controlled, and we can also rest and build relationships and cultivate our own mental health.  By God’s grace, we’ve got this! Now, go get a cup of your favorite beverage and a book, and let’s discuss what we’re reading lately!”

reading lately, to do list craziness, encouragement

What We’re Reading Lately: April 2018

The Family Read-Alouds

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We finally finished The Horse and His Boy on a roadtrip to Pennsylvania to attend my brother’s ordination!  Unfortunately, my husband’s work schedule combined with nearly nightly ball games and practices has meant we have not yet had opportunity to begin Prince Caspian.  We’ve prioritized continuing our family devotions in the limited evening times we have.

The kids and I finished Make Your Bed in our morning read aloud time.  What a fantastic book by an Admiral and Navy Seal!  Short chapters were perfect for morningtime, and the stories from special ops and seal training captivated us.  It is not unusual now to hear one of us bark out, “Life isn’t fair!  And the sooner you learn that, the better off you will be!”  I’ve even started making my bed.  Sometimes.  #summergoals

We also finished Maniac Magee.  I’m still processing this moving book.  You can read some of the thoughts I shared here.  Have you read this book?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

Unlikely Friendships- 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom was a delightful and easy read with absolutely adorable photographs. If you love animals, I think you’ll love this book!

The Younger Kids

I have not kept a very good record of our reading over the past month, but here are some highlights.

Mercy Watson Audiobooks

Julie, Kirsten, and Kaya Audiobooks

Little House Series…yep…audiobooks, again!

My 7.5 year old has been reading this Adventures in Odyssey series as part of her daily reading practice, and really enjoys them!

We’ve also enjoyed several nature books as spring has finally arrived:

Lifetime: The Amazing Numbers in Animal Lives

Over and Under the Pond

Feathers- Not Just for Flying

Mama Built a Little Nest

10.5 Year Old Girl

Mother-Daughter Book Club

My daughter loves this series, and had been begging me to read book one with her.  We started in January, then petered out.  I’m so thankful we finished it together during one long marathon session in April!  Such a sweet read, with lots to discuss about friendship and mother/daughter relationships.

My daughter also binge-read the entire Wings of Fire series in about one week.  She warns that you should not start this series unless you have time to read the whole thing, since each book ends on a cliff-hanger!

Unbroken (the YA version)

I read the original of Unbroken, so was excited to see this version that was put out for older kids.  If you have only seen the movie, please go read the book.  It is so much better, and tells a much broader story.

Greenglass House

Red Scarf Girl (a true story; the author’s memoir of her childhood during the cultural revolution in China)

Honestly, I barely can keep up with all the books she has read over the past month.  If you have a prolific young reader who needs some book recommendations, send me a message with their favorite titles and I bet we can come up with some excellent ideas for their next book!

Almost 13 year old Boy

Castle by David Macaulay and half a dozen other reference guides to the history and architecture of castles.  He is completing a project for humanities, designing several historically accurate castle models in Minecraft.

Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales

This graphic novel history series has been a long-time favorite, and he recently checked them all out from the library to re-read.

What If

And, yep.  Still loving Tolkien.

reading lately, to do list craziness, encouragement


The Awakening of Miss Prim (read some of my thoughts here and here)

Burn Bright (some days I just need a fun werewolf or fantasy story)

Force of Nature (I love the atmosphere embodied in Harper’s fiction!  Read more of my thoughts here)

The Read Aloud Family: fantastic!

If you want more book ideas, follow Humility and Doxology on Instagram and Facebook!  I often share book recommendations, especially if I see something I love that is on sale.

And keep an eye out on the Facebook page.  Each week I facilitate a book-pairing challenge (here’s an example).  Join the discussion and come way with a new book title or two to enjoy!

Whatever your favorite platform, pop on by and let us all know what YOU have been reading lately!

And when the to-do list crazy brain feels like too much, take a deep breath.  Do the next thing in humility and doxology, by grace alone!

If you haven’t already, would you please sign up for the Humility and Doxology email list?  I would really appreciate it!

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