What We’re Reading Lately: July 2018

Books reading Humility and Doxology summer July 2018
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Farewell to summer, my friends!

Whether you homeschool or not, July likely marks the end of your full-on summer.  Perhaps you’re beginning to yearn for the aroma of a “bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils,” or maybe you’re dreading…just a bit…a return to the nitty gritty details of the school year.

I hope that your July has been extra-full of delightful reading and adventures.  Our July was full of good gifts from the Lord.  My husband and I took a trip across the country to see one of my dearest friends get married.  We took a few extra days to explore southern California in honor of our 14th wedding anniversary!

Life back in North Carolina has been full, too.  We traveled to a family reunion over the July 4th holiday.  I painted our bathroom.  We have a new 8-year-old daughter at home, and by the time you’re reading this our oldest daughter will have turned 11.  Our oldest son was practicing grit and determination on our town’s all-star baseball team throughout the month.  Congrats to their team, the regional and state tournament champions!  And all 4 older children participated in our church’s VBS either as students or volunteers.

As you can imagine, it’s been exciting…and a bit tiring, too!  I’m looking forward to returning to our more “normal” routine in August as we explore 8th grade, 6th grade, 3rd grade, 1st grade, and preschool.  Wait.  Actually that sounds maybe just a bit scary! 😉

Thankfully, Bethany Ishee is hosting a “Not Back to School” Blog party, and you’re all invited!  Each day, a different guest blogger will explore the freedom and perspective homeschooling brings.  I’m excited to be able to share my own thoughts on the adventure of history studies…make sure you’re signed up for my email list (see sidebar or the contact page) so you don’t miss my blog-party post!

As always, I love hearing your book recommendations!  Make sure to follow Humility and Doxology on Facebook.  We have fun each Friday with a book pairing adventure!

Book Pairing

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What We’re Reading Lately


Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz

This was a dark, thrilling read, a mystery set within a mystery.  There were plenty of nods to classic and contemporary British crime dramas.  If you enjoy British mystery books or tv, definitely check this one out!

Keeper of Lost Things, by Ruth Hogan

I’ve had this on my book stack since I heard it discussed on the Girls Next Door podcast. I loved how it interwove so many stories, unified thru themes of loss and love. It causes you to ponder how the detritus of daily ordinary life has value and tells a story (sometimes a happy and sometimes a sad one)…and how all those stories are intertwined whether we realize it or not.  For some of my more ambivalent feelings about the title, and 2 completely fantastic new vocabulary words I learned, read my Instagram post about it below (and make sure you’re following @HumilityandDoxology for more real life moments and book recommendations).

Ex Libris, by Anne Fadiman

If you love books about books, you’ll love this collection of essays.  The first essay, “Marrying Libraries,” had me laughing so hard I was crying!

Humble Roots, by Hannah Anderson

I’m halfway through this excellent book.  So far, it appears that she has written the book I hoped to one day write, only she’s done a better job!  Highly recommend this, thanks to my sister-in-law’s suggestion!

The Kids (3 to 13)

Sign of the Beaver (audiobook)

I love Elizabeth George Speare, and this book is no exception.  It was a delight to revisit it via audiobook this month!

Farewell to Manzanar, by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston

I got this book via interlibrary loan for my oldest daughter to read.  It tells the true, sobering story of the Japanese American internment camps here in the states during WW2.  It was an eye-opening read when I was young, and it was moving for my daughter to read as well.

When the Sea Turned to Silver, by Grace Lin

My daughter loves all the books in this series by Grace Lin, inspired by ancient Chinese folklore!

Julia, Child, by Kyo Maclear

Such a sweet picture book celebrating good food and the need to maintain a childlike perspective!

Bloom, by Kyo Maclear

This is another fantastic and vibrantly-illustrated picture book telling the story of the fashion designer and trailblazer Elsa Schiaparelli

Selfie Sebastien, by Sarah Marsh

This is a picture book chosen by my husband to read aloud to the family.

The Giant Jumperee, by Julia Donaldson and Helen Oxenbury

Oh, my heart!  I love any book Helen Oxenbury illustrates, and this sweet story is no exception!

Tiny Creatures, by Nicola Davies

This book!!!  If you’re looking for a living science book, if you’ve always wondered if there was a good picture book about microbes, or if you just like fantastically illustrated children’s books in general…check out this title or add it to your library hold list!

What We're Reading Lately July 2018

What are you reading lately? And a re-reading and screentime admission…

The fullness of our schedule meant that this was also a month full of re-reading.  The 2 oldest children seemed to find comfort and delight in reading many of their favorites over again in July.  My middle daughter continues her adventures in the Kingdom of Wrenly series.

We’ve also enjoyed rest from the busyness of July by enjoying extra screen time.  August and responsibility will be here before we know it, so I didn’t mind the kids enjoying a few extra episodes of I Love Lucy each day.

Has summer altered your reading habits at all?  Do you have a favorite family read aloud from July?  I’d love to hear about it, so join the conversation on Facebook or Instagram!  I look forward to hearing your suggestions!  And don’t forget to sign up for my email list!

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