Vintage Landmark Books Giveaway

When I was growing up, we never reached our destinations at the time anticipated. A large reason for this? We stopped at all the old bookstores and antique stores we could find. We’d hunt through the shelves for our favorite vintage finds, breathing deeply the beloved scent of yellowed paper, antique leather, and the joyful quest for out-of-print treasures.

(Rabbit trail, but did you know there are scientists who study why we love the smell of old books? For real!)

Our glee was immense whenever we discovered a hardback, vintage title from the Landmark books series. The Landmark books were published in the mid-twentieth century by Random House. With more than 100 titles in the collection, these non-fiction history books for youth were written by many famous authors who were already well-known in their own right. Do you recognize names like Dorothy Canfield Fisher, James Daugherty, C. S. Forester, Armstrong Sperry, and Sterling North, for example?

When it comes to Textbook-Free History, the Landmark book series is a fabulous addition to your bookshelf! These engaging, narrative history books work well across multiple ages. Read them aloud during morning time, or assign them as independent reading! (And don’t forget to keep reading journals!)

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I prefer the old hardback editions. Primarily this is because I truly love old books, and find them more tactilely pleasing than modern paperbacks. I’ve also heard that some of the modern reprints have had their content altered, which concerns me.

Some Landmark books are easier to find than others, however. Kathy Weitz has created a color-coded list to aid in your own vintage-book collecting adventures. I have found Landmark books at library book sales, antique stores, flea markets, and yard sales. You can also keep an eye on online vintage book sellers.

Would you like to start your own Landmark book shelf, or perhaps add to your collection? I have 6 vintage Landmark books to give to one fortunate reader! Just follow the instructions in the giveaway below!

Vintage Landmark Books

Here are the 6 titles included in the giveaway:

Please note: I will only ship to US addresses, so USA residents only, please.

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26 thoughts on “Vintage Landmark Books Giveaway”

  1. I’ve recently started collecting Landmarks and we really love them. This science geek is finally learning some history now that I’m almost 40 and a homeschool mom 😀

  2. My biggest struggle with any subject is always consistency! But with history in particular, I know my daughter really does well being able to do hands on projects and my energy levels are rarely up for that. I just want to read great books. 🙂 I think she’s finally old enough where we can reach a compromise as I delegate some of the hands on work for her as projects and we do the reading/studying together.

    1. Yes, consistency can be such a challenge! That’s great that you’ve found a way to delegate hands-on work. I love fieldtrips, but not so much the crafts. 😉

      1. Thank you for this giveaway and all the encouragement you give us homeschool moms on a daily basis! We do your poems!!

  3. I love Landmark books and am slowly collecting them. We’re relatively new homeschoolers and I love learning history through good books!

  4. My biggest struggle so far has been matching the great books I find with the right ages….either too much or too little.

  5. Wonderful giveaway! My biggest struggle is just actually sitting down to READ the awesome book! The toddler makes that quite difficult in this season.

  6. Awesome giveaway. My biggest struggle with teaching history is just sitting down to actually read the wonderful books! The toddler is making that almost impossible in this season.

  7. My biggest struggle is knowing how to build into history when my kids are so close in age. my oldest will be 7 this year and ready for “real history” probably next year.. I hate doing “time waster” stuff or lame crafts about turkeys on thanksgiving that seem so disconnected. How do I start with him now before we can do one room schoolhouse once the younger boys (4 more below him) can all join in. He’ll be 12 if I waited for everyone!! LOL. Where do I start without overloading myself in the meantime. i’m not sure any of that made sense. Clearly I’m just starting with it.

    1. Welcome to the adventure of homeschooling. 🙂 You have so much to look forward to! You definitely have options. I started with my oldest when he was ready and just grafted in the younger kids as they aged in. They started “learning” history at whatever time period we were studying at the time, and we just keep cycling through. Everyone eventually gets to everything. So you could easily start now with whatever time period of history you desired. Say you wanted to begin with Ancient Greece; you could read aloud Famous Men of Ancient Greece with your 7 year old while little ones played. In a few years you may re-read those books for the younger ones, but that’s totally ok! 🙂

      Another option you have if you want something much more laid back this year is to grab a stack of quality picture books (fiction and non-fiction) and simple chapter books to read. Clyde Robert Bulla, for example, has a ton of lovely children’s historical fiction. I also like books by D’Aulaire and de Angeli.

      My suggestion is to start with quality books. I have some thoughts about Textbook-Free History here.

      What are your goals/vision for homeschooling this year?

  8. Tiffany Chamberlain

    I’ve kept my eye open for these ever since Mrs. Weitz recommended them to me years ago. I would love for my sons to read them when they’re older!

  9. Tiffany Chamberlain

    I haven’t had any history struggles yet as my oldest is four. 😉 He loves to be read to and remembers most of what we read, so we seem to be on the right track for now! 🙂

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