The Great Book List Roundup: Books and Websites to Inspire Your Next Reading Adventure

roundup of best book lists

Ah, books. We love the way they smell, the way they feel, the way they extravagantly fill our bookshelves. For the individual book lover or the reading family, the only thing we love as much as a good book is a good book about books!

And a book filled with lists of other books? *swoon*

Why reinvent the wheel? Here are a few trusted book list resources to get your library card whirring.

Best Book Lists for kids and adults

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But before the book lists, a caveat

You know there is no perfect book list, right? Every family is unique. Each child has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some book lists will include books we may choose not to include in our family’s reading plan. Those same lists and others may omit (or even caution against) books that we believe are worth including in our book stack.

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The answer to the imperfect book list conundrum is not to abandon book lists. The answer is more book lists.

Each book list has its own blind spots as well as its own strengths. By reading widely and variedly, we and our children will gain a fuller picture of the world and the way others think about it.

Book List Books

Book Lists on the Web

Take your book lists to the next level with these fun kid book club ideas! Mary has great tips for starting your own homeschool book club here.

Now, take these book lists and pick out your next personal read-alone or family read aloud!

I’d love to hear what new favorites you discover! ❤

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