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Hello, fellow Greenhouse readers! You’re probably on this page because you’re a North Carolina homeschooler like I am. As a 2nd-generation homeschooler, I have such fond memories of family trips to the NCHE annual convention! Is there anything more fun than a gigantic room filled with books?

Which of my Greenhouse articles brought you to this site? Comment below and let me know!

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If you’re new to Humility and Doxology, here are some good places to start:

Homeschool Convention
We go to homeschool conventions for encouragement and inspiration. But sometimes we end up discouraged and overwhelmed. How can we leave with joy and not fear? Read here.
Dad and Mom homeschooling
What if you asked a Dad and a Mom the same series of questions about their homeschooling?  Would their perspectives be similar or different?  And what do they wish they’d known before they started? Read our story here.
Why Bother Homeschooling
What is the point of providing a true, good, and beautiful education if our children may not even be able to remember most of it? Read more here.

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