Textbook-Free Science: all the resources you’ll need to learn about OUTER SPACE in your homeschool!

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I love outer space and all things astronomy. I have ever since I was a young girl dreaming of being the first woman to have a baby in space. (Um, that would be a big NO from me nowadays!)

My 9th birthday featured a viewing of my favorite film (“The Dream is Alive“) and astronaut ice cream to accompany our cake.

Now I love to share my love of all things outer space with my children. We’ve traveled to another state to view the recent full solar eclipse, have been known to wake up in the middle of the night to observe a lunar eclipse, and we visit the planetarium as often as possible.

There is nothing quite like astronomy to fill our hearts with wonder and humility!

One of my favorite resources has been the Classical Astronomy email newsletters, and I’d especially like to recommend that to you. Their site and emails will keep you up to date on astronomical events and what is happening in the sky on any given evening.

This post is jam packed with all the tools and resources you’ll need to enjoy astronomically awesome textbook-free science in your homeschool with multiple ages!

Click through these links to head straight to the topic listed, or just scroll and get excited about the many wonderful outer space resources available for homeschool science.

all the resources you’ll need to explore ASTRONOMY in your homeschool! textbook-free science outer space resource round up

FREE Star Poems printable

You know that our family loves to include beautiful memory work in our Morning Time. Would you like to recite some star-themed poetry as you explore outer space in your homeschool? I’ve curated a printable pdf with 14 poems you can add to your Morning Basket, use for copywork, or enjoy at your next poetry tea time.

If you’re already an email subscriber, find the printable in the subscriber freebies page. Not yet a subscriber? Join here to get access to this and other fabulous free resources!

Star Poems free printable all the resources you’ll need to explore ASTRONOMY in your homeschool! textbook-free science outer space resource round up

Outer Space Books

Exploring Creation with Astronomy, Jeannie Fulbright
Signs and Seasons Understanding the Elements of Classical Astronomy, Jay Ryan
Eclipses Illustrated, Jay Ryan
The Moon Book, Gail Gibbons
Stars, H. A. Rey
Fool Moon Rising, Kristi and T. Lively Fluharty
ABCs of Space, Chris Ferrie
Zoo in the Sky, Jacqueline Mitton
Glow in the Dark Night Sky Book, Clint Hatchett
The Glow in the Dark Book of Space, Nicholas Harris
Our Stars, Anne Rockwell
Exploring the Night Sky, Terence Dickinson
Moonshot, Brian Floca

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all the resources you’ll need to explore ASTRONOMY in your homeschool! textbook-free science outer space resource round up

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Homeschool Science for Elementary Grades Astronomy

Learn the Constellations

constellations free printable homeschool science outer space astronomy

The free app, SkyView, (available for android and iPhone) is incredible.  One Monday morning after an early exercise class, I noticed what appeared to be an incredibly bright star in the sky, with a slightly dimmer star closer to the horizon.  I was pretty sure the former was Venus, but what was the latter?  I opened up SkyView, pointed it at the sky, and all the stars and planets were identified for me! (That 2nd star?  It was Jupiter!)

Nothing can replace an actual visit to a Planetarium! If you are within driving distance of a planetarium, it is worth the trip!  We have sometimes bought an annual family pass that enables all of us to go to as many shows as we want in a year.  My favorite part of a planetarium show is when they put up the stars for your particular location that will be visible that night!  Sometimes planetariums also have special shows or activities around astronomical events like an eclipse.

Can’t make it to a planetarium? You can always enjoy a glow-in-the-dark posterglow-in-the-dark stars, and constellations on your socks (ha!) at home.

Learn about the Moon

Oreos make everything more fun. After you read about moon phases, let your children re-create them by carefully removing portions of the top cookie from the oreos to reveal the white moon-shape of the filling!  Remember, “b is for born, d is for dying.”  If the white, illuminated sliver of the moon is facing the same direction as a “b,” it is a waxing moon on its way to being full.  If it is facing the direction of “d,” it is waning and will disappear completely in the days ahead.

lunar lore homeschool science outer space astronomy printables

Learn About Outer Space and the Solar System

I love the nature study resources from Cindy West! She has a fabulous No Sweat Nature Study: Outer Space if you’re looking for a helpful pre-made resource for your astronomy studies.

no sweat nature study space observations homeschool science

Other homeschool science outer space resources you may find helpful:

Check out this song for learning “The Planets of the Solar System”

Learn About Astronauts and Astronomers

Astronomer and Astronaut Books:

Outer Space Art, Crafts, and Hands-On Projects

Chalk Pastels: Art in Space

And, of course, don’t forget to include some space exploration coloring books in your astronomy studies!

Outer Space Music, Video, and Podcasts

Don’t Forget to Enjoy and Marvel at God’s Creation

Look up.   Sometimes it is just this simple.  We head inside our houses at night, or walk briskly with our heads down towards the street or our phones.  Next time you’re at your window or out and about at night, look up and see the stars.  You may not know them by name, but look and wonder!

all the resources you’ll need to explore ASTRONOMY in your homeschool! textbook-free science outer space resource round up
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