Unit Studies and Hands-On Learning (a video interview with Susan Evans)

Unit Study Homeschool Susan Evans interview

Enthusiasm, creativity, unit studies, and hands-on learning: those are the words that come to mind when I think of longtime homeschool mom Susan Evans. Watch the video and leave inspired to try your own creative ideas in your homeschool!

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Unit Studies and Hands On Learning Susan Evans homeschool interview

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Who is Susan Evans?

Susan Evans is a lively homeschool conference speaker. She has been an educator for two decades, first as a teacher, and now as a homeschool mom. She runs a huge unit studies membership site for homeschoolers. It includes thousands of video demonstrations, downloadables, and hand-on learning articles. She also teaches creative writing classes on DVD, where she wears costumes for different time periods to teach historical fiction writing. To find out more about Susan Evans, visit her website, SusanEvans.org, where you will find hundreds of free hands-on learning articles and videos.

Susan Evans homeschool interview

Watch my interview with Susan Evans


Watch the YouTube video here.

Show Notes {with video time stamps}

Susan Evans background, family, and decision to homeschool {1:44}

Susan grew up in Guatemala, and later became a teacher.

As a young mom, Susan recorded a cassette with various things she wanted her children to know. Her oldest son (2 years old at the time) began quoting a Shakespeare sonnet from the backseat of the car, and so it seemed like a natural progression to homeschool. 😉

Now all 4 of her children are teens, ranging in age from 14 to 19!

Susan Evans homeschool family

Unit Studies and Hands-On Homeschooling {3:34}

Unit Studies and thematic learning have always been a good fit for the Evans family. They love hands-on, eclectic fun! Susan pulls from a variety of homeschool styles and uses them all in a thematic way.

“When something is experienced, it actually stays with you for the rest of your life,” Susan explained.

With a unit study approach, you take one theme and relate all your subject studies around that central idea.

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Susan Evans Unit Study Homeschool

Is it possible to still learn in creative ways with our older students? {5:35}

Hands-on is for high school, too! Susan uses textbooks for her high schoolers, but she uses them to create unique unit studies that go beyond worksheets and words on a page.

Hands-on learning is also a good way to incorporate multiple ages in your homeschool. A high school student can learn more deeply, while still sharing hands-on experiences with their younger siblings.

With hands-on learning, you internalize what you’re studying.

Susan Evans Hands On Homeschool

Hands-On High School Psychology {10:35}

Why study Psychology? Susan said that when you understand psychology it helps you to more fully understand people. You learn to work with other people who are different from you, especially when it comes to understanding different personalities or ways of thinking and processing.

It also helps us understand ourselves, which will aid our students in making wise future career choices. It can also help us understand and heal from past traumas.

The history of psychology can help us understand where we’ve come from and where we’re going as a culture. It gives us insight in a variety of worldviews as well. “It helps you think deeply,” Susan said. As a Christian, Susan reminded us, we compare psychology ideas with what the Bible teaches.

Tongue Mapping

Here are a few of the ways Susan included hands-on activities in their Psychology lessons {16:40}

{I also mentioned First Bite, a book that fascinated my daughter and me last summer, all about the psychology of how we perceive flavor and taste.}

Homeschooling high school is worth it! {27:28}

“You should not be worried about it whatsoever,” Susan Evans encouraged.

Susan talked about how homeschooling high school has encouraged independent learning in her students.

“When you create a culture of learning in your home… then they go off and learn things they’re excited about themselves,” Susan said.

Hard questions are encouraged and provide such wonderful opportunities for growth! Sibling relationships are also nurtured.

“I just love being with them! They’re beautiful people!” Susan enthused. To see the fruit of all those years of prayer and discipleship and hard work is such a blessing!

“Homeschooling is worth it. It’s worth it to teach high school,” Susan encouraged.

Susan’s enthusiasm is contagious! Make sure you watch the video to hear her many wonderful stories and ideas.

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