Blue Sky Daisies: Publishing Books Old and New (with Amy Edwards)

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It was such a delight to be joined by one half of the Blue Sky Daisies publishing team, Amy Edwards. Amy and her friend Tina Mugglin started their independent publishing business in 2013, and since then they have continued to publish many fabulous books both old and new. Most recently, they published an updated edition of Hallelujah , Cindy Rollins’s lovely Advent book. On this bonus episode of Homeschool Conversations, Amy and I chat about everything ranging from picture books for all ages, what to do when your homeschool reality seems to not quite live up to your ideals, and (of course) all about Advent and Christmas traditions.

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Amy Edwards Blue Sky Daisies publisher Homeschool Conversations podcast

Who is Amy Edwards?

Amy Edwards is a wife and mother of five. She has been homeschooling her children for 15 years—she now has children in fifth, ninth, and twelfth grade, along with two homeschool graduates who are now college students. Amy serves in her local church leading a women’s Bible study, leads a homeschool co-op, and teaches history and literature to high schoolers. She loves books, crossword puzzles, and family movie nights. Amy and her friend Tina Mugglin started their independent publishing business Blue Sky Daisies in 2013. Amy lives with her husband Howard, three youngest children, and their new puppy, in Wichita, Kansas. 

Amy Edwards Blue Sky Daisies Homeschool Conversations Podcast

Watch my interview with Amy Edwards from Blue Sky Daisies

Show Notes {with video time stamps}

Amy’s homeschool journey

Amy and her husband had 5 children in the span of about 10 years. She was still working outside the home when her twins were born. But she ended up wanting to stay home and be a full-time mom.

She began reading about homeschooling from books like The Well Trained Mind. As an eager young mom she headed to a homeschool convention and ended up at a Tapestry of Grace booth. They’ve been using Tapestry of Grace as their main spine ever since!

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{If you’re unfamiliar with the Tapestry of Grace curriculum, Amy explains it in a bit more detail in our conversation!}

Amy also shared how picture books have played an important role in the lives of even her older children! You know we agree with that around here! #NeverTooOldForPictureBooks

Blue Sky Daisies Publishing {8:00}

Tina and Amy met when their children were young. They shared a mutual interest in The Mother Tongue, an old grammar book you could only get as a pdf online (a scan from the 1908 book). The format was so difficult to deal with!

They decided to reformat this book so people could actually use it more easily. They just plunged right in to this new endeavor, learning lots along the way. They even made an answer key!

And thus Blue Sky Daisies was born. Today they have over a dozen published titles!

How do we choose the best books? {11:30}

“Maybe not stress about finding the best, because that really would be scary,” Amy smiled. Instead, she encouraged us to find a mentor who we trust and to also remember that every family is different.

“Relax into who you are as a family and what your family giftings are and resources are, and be willing to be flexible with that.”

Celebrating Advent and Christmas {14:15}

Here are a few ways families can celebrate Advent and Christmas:

  • Carols
  • Christmas read alouds
  • St. Lucia Day traditions
  • Holiday family movies
  • Christmas Eve Service
  • St. Nicholas

Questions for each Homeschool Conversations Guest {21:55}

What are you reading lately?

Planet Narnia, Michael Ward

What is one thing you would say to a new homeschool parent?

“When your ideals aren’t realized you can either become disillusioned and cynical, or lean into grace and love and wisdom. Become wise. Trust Jesus.”

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