Free Typing Lessons and Games for Kids

free typing lessons and games for homeschool

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My husband was the first to notice the problem. Our children, while basically competent typists, have developed some odd and not-so-stellar typing habits. Developing effortless typing skills with correct fingering will enable them to type more quickly and efficiently. But who wants to add dreary typing exercises to our day? That’s why I was delighted to hear about the free typing games and lessons at KidzType Dance Mat Typing.

free typing lessons for kids

What is Touch Typing?

When you type by touch, you can type without looking at the keyboard. Instead, your fingers effortlessly move from key to key while you maintain a healthy, upright posture and wrist position.

Start with Typing Lessons

If your child is completely new to typing, it will be helpful to start them off with a few basic lessons. TypeDojo, a sister site to KidzType, provides free typing lessons. There, your students will learn how to properly place their hands on the keyboard, and will be able to practice looking at the screen instead of at their hands while typing.

Feel like your homeschool schedule is already overbooked? I think typing practice would be a great addition to your summer homeschool goals!

Use a Typing Speed Test to Set Goals for Older Students

My elementary students have started at the beginning with the basic lessons. I will have my older children, however, start with a typing speed test. We will be able to keep a record of their accuracy and WPM, and watch it develop as they continue to practice. I might even convince my husband to join us in a little friendly competition. What teen or tween wouldn’t like to be able to beat their parents in a show of typing skill, after all?

If you desire an official record of your accomplishments, check out the free typing test at TypeDojo. You’ll end up with a certificate recording your typing speed and accuracy!

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Typing Games Make Practice Fun for Kids

You can only type random sentences and letter combinations so long before your eyes start glazing over. But what if you didn’t have to nag your children to practice their typing? Typing games make practice fun for kids of all ages!

KidzType has a stellar collection of free typing games for every level and interest. Is your student fascinated by ninjas? Check out the Ninjas vs Zombies game (type the letters accurately so the ninja can defeat the oncoming horde of zombies)! Fascinated by race cars or mermaids or owls? There are options for those, too!

free typing games for kids

Many of the games available can be customized based on what letters or rows on the keyboard your child is practicing. Of course, for the more advanced typist, you can play using all the keyboard at once!

I personally enjoyed testing out the Typing Balloon game. There’s something very satisfying about the splash of color as you pop the balloons. Watch the short video below, see a brief tour of the KidzType site, and watch me play a round of Typing Balloon.

Important caution: You’ll notice that this site and its sister site TypeDojo include ads. For that reason, I do not recommend these sites be used by young children without adult supervision. For your older children, this provides another good opportunity to teach them wise internet safety guidelines. Be sure your children know how to exit out of a pop-up ad safely if you’re not around.

Add Typing Fun to Your Homeschool

If you’re looking for free typing lessons, typing speed tests, and typing games to make practice fun, check out the fun options at KidzType Dance Mat Typing today!

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