Online Homeschool Curriculum for Young Learners: Homeschool+

Bring learning to life with Homeschool+, the new online homeschool curriculum for preschool to 2nd grade from the same creators who developed ABCmouse and Adventure Academy!

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As a homeschool parent, you know your child better than anyone else. With Homeschool+, we’re able to customize lessons to best meet our family’s unique needs.

Students progress and develop new skills via direct recorded online instruction, activities, and offline supplemental lessons.  And the interactive online games from Homeschool+ mean they’re having fun at the same time!

Who can benefit from Homeschool+ online homeschool lessons?

While some families may choose to use the online and offline supplemental lessons from Homeschool+ as their primary homeschooling resource, I think it has potential value as a supplemental resource for your young learners.

Are you a mom of many whose younger child wants to “do school” like their older siblings? Homeschool+ is an educational way to keep them engaged while you work with the older kids.

Are you a mom of an eager learner who always seems to want to learn more than you have time to actively teach? Fill your mornings with read alouds and snuggles, and save Homeschool+ as bonus learning for their free time.

Is your family in the midst of a challenging season? Moves, new babies, chronic illness, job loss… these are just a few of the things that can derail a school year. You can be assured that your young learners aren’t getting behind as they enjoy learning online with Homeschool+. Their learning can continue while you prioritize strengthening the emotional, logistical, and financial stability of your home.


Subjects covered in Homeschool+

The core of the online Homeschool+ curriculum is their adaptive reading and math program. My Math Academy covers beginner (preschool) math up to approximately 2nd grade material. My Reading Academy is designed to take your child from beginning reader to full comprehension.

The adaptive format means your child’s lesson will be based on what they can demonstrate they truly understand, not just what lessons they have previously completed.

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Other lessons included in Homeschool+:

  • Foreign language
  • Life science
  • Grammar
  • Maps and globes
  • Animals/habitats
  • More!

We had the opportunity to explore the Beta version of Homeschool+ this spring, and my 2nd grader especially enjoyed the Spanish lessons. And since playing computer games is usually a treat in our house, he felt like he was getting away with something whenever he got to play one of the Homeschool+ learning games!

Lesson Planning with Homeschool+

As the parent, you decide which subjects will be studied on what day, and you can also adjust the amount of time you would like your student to spend on each subject. You can even turn off certain subjects if you don’t want your child to do those particular lessons. Homeschool+ really is so customizable for every unique homeschool!

When the student signs in to Homeschool+, the lessons you’ve assigned for the day automatically load so they just have to click and learn! It’s easy for your student to independently follow the plan you, the parent, have set for the day.

The parent view is password protected so children cannot accidentally (or intentionally) change your plan.

As the parent, you can also access supplemental lessons. These recommended activities provide ideas for offline activities to promote continued progress toward your educational goals. They connect the learning children do online via video with real-life experience and hands-on activities. There are also book, puzzle, and game suggestions.

More details about the early learning online program from Homeschool+

Because Homeschool+ is still in the early stage, they are constantly refining and adding new features. Their help and support team is very responsive when any issues arise. I received prompt and helpful replies to my own emails and support tickets.

Currently, Homeschool+ is available on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

While you cannot currently schedule lessons for the weekend, there are some free play learning options available with games and other fun things for a child who just can’t wait for Monday to roll back around to learn more.

You have options to pay for either a monthly or an annual subscription. Each subscription includes access for up to three children. Those of you who are balancing lots of littles in your homeschool may find that very useful to keep one child occupied while you work independently with another one!

Is Homeschool+ right for your homeschool?

Check out all that Homeschool+ has to offer for the young learners in your homeschool.

Learn more by clicking here.

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