Greek Alphabet Song

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It’s always easier to memorize something when it’s set to music, and the Greek Alphabet is no exception.

This song is perfect to add to the morning time rotation.  It’s great for helping you work on your foreign language studies.  It’s also really fun to sing as fast as you can while you’re riding in the minivan with the kiddos.

One difficulty of being a mom of many is that sometimes you’re sure you’ve taught the children something…only to realize you only taught it to the older kids!  Oops!  That happened to me earlier today.  I was riding in the van with my 8 year old, and we somehow started talking about one of the Greek letters.  I said, “you know, like in the Greek alphabet song.”


She had no idea what I was talking about.

So, of course, I had to start singing!  I think we may need to sing this a few times a day until it sinks down into the younger kids’ memories as well!

I recorded the video below for an Instagram story originally, but it will still be useful to you all!  If you want to skip the intro and go right to the song, go to the 0:36 mark.

I also made some fun Greek alphabet bookmarks, and they’re available to download on the page exclusive to my email subscribers.  Sign up in the sidebar or below and you’ll have access to a variety of colors, including this one!  Greek Alphabet Bookmark


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