Our Real-Life Morning Time Demo

Morning Time Demo

My children graciously allowed me to record our real-life morning time this morning.  The video includes authentic interruptions from the 3-year-old, although I did redact a few minutes of, um, parenting.

Morning Time Demo (2)

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Our real-life morning time…captured on camera

A few notes about this demo video:

  • If you would like to participate in our recitations, find the memory work we reviewed in the video here
  • If you would like to see an overview of our schedule, I describe it in more detail here. We already completed the memorization of Psalm 46 shown in the original plan, and have moved on to a new passage in Isaiah.
  • How does morning time change as children grow older?  I discuss my priority of fostering relationship here.
  • While we read an actual chapter from the Bible during our daily family devotions, I read from a children’s Bible story book for the sake of our youngest participants during morning time. As I remind the children often, this is a re-told story, not inspired Scripture.  For the inerrant version of the events described in the video, read Esther 1.
  • Read-aloud time occurs after my oldest son is excused, and is not shown in this video. Right now, we are studying Early American History and Birds, and are enjoying lots of wonderful books discussing those topics.
  • We are using English from the Roots up this year. The cards shown in the video can be found here.
  • Yes.  My older children usually interrupt more, and sometimes they poke at each other on other more ordinary days.  Sometimes there is crying and yelling.  Today, however, only the 3 year old seemed unconcerned by the video being recorded. 🤣
  • DIY Morning Time: If you have questions about how to implement a simple, custom morning time in your own family, check out my interview with Lynna on the Live Without Training Wheels Podcast.

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Morning Time Demo

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