Morning Time and Memory Work Plans 2018

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Morningtime Memory Work Fall 2018

Our Morning Gathering- background and the why!

Thanksgiving Morning Time Plans and Resource Pack

Memory Work Resource Pack: Ecumenical Creeds

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Memory Loop and Learning Loop Resources for Morningtime

Vos Story Bible

Biblegateway: Multiple Bible translations.  Great resource for Bible memory without having to type out long passages

Outline of the Constitution that I used to create our memory sheet

States and Capitals Song

  • I’d like a better one…suggestions, anyone?

Update: I found this silly song on Youtube, and we’ve been watching it together when we get to the States and Capitals day on our loop.  I like it because it is also linking the States/Capitals with their place visually on the map!

Our morningtime plan for 2018-2019 (I hold up a version of this in the video below)

Morningtime 2018-2019 Humility and Doxology

Shurley Teacher Manual

English From the Roots Up

Music History

SQUILT: Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time, a gentle way to introduce musical history and theory to your children!


Hallelujah: A Journey through Advent with Handel’s Messiah

Morning Time resources from people who know more than I do

Circle Time

Teaching From Rest

Better Together

Mere Motherhood

Mystie Winckler

Lynna Sutherland

Mary Wilson

Our Real-Life Morning Time Demo

Watch a video recording of an actual day-in-the-life morning time at our house here!

Questions or Ideas?  Join the conversation!

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14 thoughts on “Morning Time and Memory Work Plans 2018”

    1. I’d be delighted to. I just uploaded it to the post both as an image and a pdf you can download. It’s very simple, just a guide to help eliminate my own decision fatigue. 🙂 I don’t have to rely on my memory; I just do the next thing on the list!

  1. I just wanted to mention we use a loop for our prayer time (when each of my children pray, and then I do, as well) at the end of our morningtime. We focus on these areas for our prayers, one each day (or something totally different as providence dictates): family, friends, government leaders, church needs/leaders. I love your ideas for looping through learning and memorization goals!

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    1. It’s been going great so far! It actually helps keep everyone a bit more focused than when we’ve just read long passages together all the way through. I also switch it up where sometimes I read the light and sometimes I read the dark. It only makes me a little jealous at how well the kids already have the Psalm mostly memorized…but mostly happy. 🙂

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