Pi Day Party Resource Round-up

Pi Day Homeschool

Pi Day Party Resource Round-up: all the videos, books, printables, and hands-on fun ideas you need to make Pi Day fun in your homeschool!

March 14, 3.14, is everyone’s favorite Pi (π) Day.  (Well, not everyone’s favorite.  Some people hate pi; keep scrolling, and you’ll learn why!)

Any excuse to celebrate gets me excited.  Combine the glories of math with the deliciousness of pie (both dessert and savory)?  I am All In!

In this post you will find a round-up of amazing videos, books, art projects, music, recipes, and math activities to delight all ages.  Join my email list, and you’ll get access to the free printable Pi Posters shown below (the orange background?  Yeah, get out your microscope and you’ll see it’s actually the first million digits of π!)!  I also have a printable Pi Day Menu (all round foods, please) for your perusal.

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Pi Day Party Menu
Pi Day Party Resources

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What is π?

Pi (π) is a mathematical constant.  It describes the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter: Pi = Circumference/Diameter.   It is an irrational number (it cannot be described by a fraction), and there does not appear to be a pattern in the digits in its decimal representation.   Pi (π) is most simply rounded to the approximate value 3.14. (Thus: 3/14, March 14}

Learning more about Pi

Books to Read about Pi

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of PiHow to Bake Pi, and Navigating Early

Videos, Projects, and More Fun Ways to Explore Pi at your Pi Day Party

Wear Pi (but not on your face):

Here is a Pi Day image you can download or screenshot to use on social media:

I ate some pie for Pi Day #PiDay

How do you plan to celebrate Pi Day?  I’d love for you to join me on Facebook or Instagram. Tag @HumilityandDoxology on social media with your Pi Day adventures; I can’t wait to see your family’s fun!  And don’t forget to join my email list for access to the Pi Day Printables.

Pi Day Ideas
Pi Day Homeschool Resources
Pi Day Menu
Pi Day Party Ideas
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12 thoughts on “Pi Day Party Resource Round-up”

  1. Pi Day was our favorite! I loved especially that it excited my youngest son so much. In 2015, when we could express Pi to the time of day at 9:26AM, he exclaimed how “cool Pi Day would have been in 1592!”… except it apparently was not expressed by the Greek letter until the 1700’s. I am definitely ordering the “I ate…” t-shirt for him and sending it with cookies, as he is far from home in the military this year! Thank you for the link!

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