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where to buy books online best places to buy books amazon alternative

Want to know where to buy books online other than Amazon? Here are a few of the best places to buy books online as an alternative to Amazon and the other major Behemoths. Below you’ll find sources for new books, vintage and collectibles, used books, print periodicals, and more! Some are super tiny, family-run sites. Some are more well-known Amazon alternatives. And many are suggestions that came from the Humility and Doxology community! So for all your online book-buying needs, check this list first!

where to buy books online best places to buy books amazon alternative book shopping guide

Christian Book Distributors

Family owned, Christian Book Distributors started as a sibling business run from home and has now grown into a well-beloved source for toys, games, and homeschool curriculum along with thousands of books. While you do have to ordinarily pay for shipping, often the savings on the books themselves more than compensates.

Usborne Books

I love supporting my friends and family who run a home business! My sister-in-law, Nancy, has set up an Usborne party for us this month for all our Christmas gift book-buying needs! One of my favorite Usborne books is the First Book About the Orchestra. What are your favorites?

online book buying guide Usborne books


Whenever I ask people their favorite places to buy books online, ThriftBooks is always at the top of the list. I love buying used books on this site, and especially love that you earn points towards a free book along the way. It’s a book-lover’s dream! Orders over $10 even qualify for free shipping!

Independent Bookstores

We can’t support all the independent shops. Well, I mean, we could, but we would certainly run out of money not to mention bookshelf space very quickly! But we don’t have to submit to an all-or-nothing mentality. Consider supporting one of your local bookstores or choosing one or two small business sources online as your go-to first choice when buying books. This fall, I’ve been checking out Lockhart Lane Folks, co-owned by my friend Carrie, as my first stop for Christmas book-buying.

Lockhart Lane Folks shares used books in their Instagram stories and feed. You can buy just the one title, or shop all month long. At the end of the month you pay an invoice and receive your month’s worth of purchases in one shipment.

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Print Periodicals

In this world of e- and online-everything, it is refreshing to get an actual print magazine in the mail! I look forward each quarter to my literary Slightly Foxed subscription. The Common Place Quarterly is well-loved by many Charlotte Mason inspired mamas. And my friend Alicia Hutchinson has just released the Learning Well Journal.

Other sources for books, magazines, and miscellany suggested by the Humility and Doxology community

Here are a few other small, independent book stores and other unique places to find books, magazines, and related gifts online as suggested by YOU, this lovely Humility and Doxology community:

Other suggestions offered were to utilize eBay and to support your favorite museum bookstores.

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Did I leave off one of your favorite places to buy books online? Leave your favorite suggestions in the comments below!

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