Rainy Day Homeschool Hacks for Stealthy Learning

Rainy Day Homeschool Hacks for Stealthy Learning

Cultivating a lifestyle of learning is important to our family. We know kids learn best when they are having fun. That’s when children are more likely to retain concepts and grasp challenging subjects. Fortunately, there are so many excellent ways we can make learning fun, whether it’s following an interest-led approach, strewing great resources, playing games together, or finding stealthy learning activities and homeschool hacks for all the “rainy days.”

No one wants to do school on a rainy day. The weather makes us want to curl up with our favorite blanket and a movie or take a nap. Sometimes the rainy days in our lives don’t have anything to do with the weather. 

A “rainy day” might be a season you’re going through where homeschooling feels too hard because of a difficult situation your family is facing. If your child or another family member is unwell, teaching lessons can feel too difficult or impossible. 

There are things we can do to incorporate learning in a way that’s sneaky and lots of fun even in challenging times like these. Keep reading to discover some of my favorite “rainy day” homeschool hacks for stealthy learning with the whole family.

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Rainy Day Homeschool Hacks for Stealthy Learning

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A Lifestyle Of Learning In Your Homeschool

We all want our kids to love learning. We want them to seek out knowledge, love reading, and protect their innate curiosity and powerful imaginations! Sometimes it’s easy to cultivate a learning lifestyle and sometimes it’s a challenge. 

When we face hardship, resistance, or difficult seasons in our lives, learning feels hard too. I’ve learned to roll with these seasons and get creative about sneaking learning into our days. We add stealthy learning to our homeschool days in all kinds of weird and creative ways.

Strewing, gameschooling, and technology are some homeschool hacks that make learning anywhere in any situation a possibility. Adopting an interest-led learning approach can make homeschooling on “rainy days” much easier and more fun. Discover how to be successful at interest-led learning in your homeschool with my guide full of interest-led learning homeschool hacks.

Easy Ways To Sneak In Homeschool Learning

There are so many fun little ways to sneak homeschool learning into your days. Listening to podcasts, enjoying two-player and single-player games, and watching fascinating documentaries together are just a few of our favorite stealthy learning tips. Discover more creative homeschool hacks for stealthy learning for rainy days below.

Car Schooling

On days when you need to be in the car or spend lots of time waiting in offices, bringing activities with you can make it easier to sneak in learning time. Plus, it’s a great way to distract kids in situations that are decidedly not fun. 

Curious about how to homeschool on the go? Check out my article filled with tips on how we sneak in homeschool learning while we run errands or travel. Plus, get a list of my favorite must-have items for car schooling.

carschooling homeschool waldock

Discovery Decks

Another one of my favorite learning resources for stealthy learning on the go is a printable Discovery Deck. These cards offer learning that’s creative and fun! Plus, they’re so easy to use that kids can enjoy them independently or you can learn together as a family. 

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My favorite things about Discovery Decks are how portable they are, the way they incorporate YouTube videos our kids want to watch, and that they cover topics kids are truly curious about and interested in. Check out these Discovery Decks for Curious Kids and find learning opportunities for your kids to enjoy everywhere!

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Gameschooling is another fantastic homeschool hack for rainy days/seasons. Learning while playing games increases retention and gives kids lots of opportunities to practice new concepts. Plus, it’s the perfect way to learn challenging topics with less pressure.

My ultimate guide to gameschooling can help you get started using gameschooling for stealthy homeschool learning. My favorite games for rainy days are single-player and two-player games. 

Single-player games provide kids with learning opportunities and fun when there isn’t anyone to play against. The Best Single-Player Games for Your Homeschool often require kids to use logic and critical thinking, making them excellent resources for stealthy learning. Some of our favorites include Amaze, Rush Hour, and Cat Crimes. 

Two-player games are great for moments when you need to sneak in learning and spend time connecting with your child. These games will help you foster a strong connection while spending quality time learning together. Check out my two-player games list to discover some of my favorite stealthy learning games including games like Hive and Blokus Duo, and Word on the Street. 

gameschooling homeschool waldock

A Book & A Game

Another one of my favorite homeschool hacks for stealthy learning is to pair a book and a game each day. This strategy is excellent for rainy days when homeschooling feels truly difficult. Instead of forcing worksheets and science experiments, try learning through play with an engaging picture book or read-aloud and a game. 

With a book and a game a day, we focus on just getting one book read and one game played each day. That’s all it takes to count the day as a win for homeschool learning. One great book and one great game are all you need, anything else is just frosting.

A Book & A Movie

Alternatively, you could use a great book and a good movie for stealthy learning. Check out my list of 50 awesome book and movie combinations for your homeschool to get ideas. From documentaries to cartoons and history specials, there are all kinds of fun movies you can pair with books to bring learning to life the easy way.

roundup of best book lists

Subscription Boxes

Another fun way to add learning on rainy days is with subscription boxes. We love opening subscription boxes as a family. It’s like a special prize when our favorite subscriptions arrive in the mail. They’re perfect for enrichment and extending lessons you’re already learning, but they also work for adding learning without stress on rainy days. 

Because we love subscription boxes so much, I’ve compiled a list of our favorite subscriptions for homeschoolers. Check out my ultimate guide to subscription boxes for your homeschool to get ideas that will add fun and excitement to your “rainy day” lesson plans.

Resources For Creative Homeschooling

If you’re looking for more creative ways to practice stealthy learning, discover more of our favorite homeschool hacks, including Summer Homeschool Ideas for Learning and Play and How to Take a Hands-On World Tour in Your Homeschool

Do you have a favorite homeschool hack for stealthy learning? I’d love to read about it in the comments!

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