There’s a Podcast for That: the best podcasts for homeschool moms

best podcasts for homeschool moms
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Are you looking for some great new podcasts for homeschool moms? Maybe you’re looking for parenting tips, homeschool encouragement, educational philosophy, or just something fun that has nothing to do with mom life at all. I’ve got good news for you: there’s a podcast for that!

If I’m not reading a book, I’m probably listening to a podcast.  It thus should not surprise you if you hear the words “I heard on a podcast recently” come out of my mouth within the first few minutes of any conversation.

While in the past many folks followed their favorite blogs, there is now a sweeping move towards keeping up with content through podcasts. In fact, many prolific bloggers are transitioning towards the podcast realm as a way to distinguish themselves in the saturated online space.

best podcasts for homeschool moms

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Go Straight Where You Want, Skip the Rest:

What is a podcast?

A podcast is kind of like a radio program, but you can play any episode of any show at your own convenience and as often as you’d like for free. Some broadcasts are short, under ten minutes. Others last an hour or longer.

Some shows are monologues by an individual.  Others are conversations between two or more co-hosts.  You will even find shows where one host regularly interviews various guests.

As the blogging landscape changes, the development of audio-blogs is also growing, and some bloggers are even recording their old posts as audio content. While most podcasts are merely audio files, more are developing with associated video as well.

Topics are as varied as you can imagine; if you have an esoteric interest, chances are somebody somewhere has a podcast related to that topic!

Why listen to a podcast?

I love the flexibility of the podcast-listening life. I can go for a walk, do the dishes, or clean the bathroom while my mind and ears are occupied by scintillating conversations. Anytime you would ordinarily listen to music, you can also listen to a podcast: in the car, while exercising, or while rocking in a hammock drinking lemonade.

Not that homeschool moms have the time for hammock lemonade. But I digress.

Aside from personal entertainment, inspiration, and education, I have also found that podcasts can be an excellent teaching tool. The kids learn about science, economics, culture and more using a variety of shows. Just like any other source for content, some episodes may be inappropriate for young children. Please use your own family’s discernment and standards as you begin listening to podcasts as a family.

How do I listen to a podcast?

If you have iTunes on your desktop or laptop, you can subscribe to a particular podcast and all their recent episodes will automatically download to your computer. You can also download specific individual episodes.  From there you can play your files in the same way you would play your music.

There are also numerous apps available on smartphones and tablets both for Android and Apple users including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Overcast. Many podcasts also have a way to stream individual episodes directly from their web page.

A new method we have begun exploring is playing podcasts through our Alexa app on the Echo Dot.  You can ask Alexa to “play the latest episode of X-Podcast from Tune-In.”  Not all podcasts are available there, however, and like many Alexa commands, you may have to try a few variations on your wording before you get it to work.  There is also a Stitcher skill and an AnyPod skill you can try adding to your Echo.  My son has used the Stitcher skill, for example, to listen to the IT Pro Show podcast. 

Several podcasts even have their own Alexa skill. Check this ever evolving list to see if your favorite podcasts are there!

best podcasts suggestions for homeschool moms

Here are some fabulous podcasts to get you started:

Have fun exploring this list and finding your own new favorites! Please note that I do not espouse everything ever said on each of the following podcasts, but I’m sure you realized that already. 😉

Podcasts for Homeschool Moms

Homeschool: General

Homeschool Conversations with Humility and Doxology

Join me in a series of Homeschool Conversations: interviews with real-life homeschool moms, dads, and other educators on all sorts of topics that affect our lives as homeschool parents. We’ll discuss educational philosophy, family life, and more. Come chat with us! I bring a unique perspective as a 2nd-generation homeschool mom of 5 from both the homeschool mom and student point of view. This is a podcast sure to encourage every homeschool mom! Send in a voice message and you may be featured on a future podcast episode!

Your Morning Basket

All things Morning Time! From choosing memory work to relishing literature to everything in between, this show is a must-listen-resource if you want to include truth, goodness, and beauty in your daily homeschool life.

The Homeschool Solutions Show

This show gives you a glimpse of the homeschooler next door. Pam Barnhill, a prolific homeschool blogger and podcaster, began the show by interviewing homeschooling moms from a variety of educational and family-living perspectives. She also includes a biweekly series of audioblogs recorded by podcast guests. Great podcasts for homeschool moms of every style!

You can hear several of my audioblogs on Pam’s show: episode 132, episode 167, and episode 114. Pam and I also recorded an interview all about one of our favorite topics, memory work, in episode 179.

Homeschool Sisters

Kara and Cait are two friends brought together by a common belief that homeschooling is easier when you have a sister by your side.  They always bring a delightful authenticity to my earbuds.  They pursue a creative and eclectic approach to education which is sure to inspire.

Raising Life Long Learners

This podcast is by Colleen Kessler, a respected voice on educating twice-exceptional children.  Not only does she have a refreshing perspective on educating our unique children in their own unique ways, but she has an exceptional line-up of guests.  I especially enjoy the ending segment where she often interviews the children of the person she interviewed in the rest of the podcast.

Simply Convivial

Mystie Winkler calls her audioblog podcast a “kick in the earbuds, every week.” She says, “No matter what the topic each week, you’ll be redirected to focus your attention on Christ, on faithful stewardship and obedience, and on doing the right next thing – whether that’s in your own head, in your homeschool, or in your house.”

The Sibling Relationship Lab

Lynna is a mom of 8, so she knows the reality of sibling conflict. She brings a wise, gospel-centered perspective to bear in these practical, encouraging episodes! She also educates her children at home, so these will be especially helpful podcasts for homeschool moms.

You may also enjoy:

Homeschool: Classical and Charlotte Mason Philosophy

Schole Sisters

This is a podcast for the restful classical homeschooling mama, with co-hosts Brandy Vencel, Mystie Winkler and Pam Barnhill.  I almost always listen to this one first when a new episode has dropped into my feed.

Circe Institute Podcast Network

This network has numerous shows worth following! Love long discussions of literature? “Close Reads” is for you. Can’t get enough of classical education philosophy?  Try “Forma.” Are you Charlotte Mason intrigued?  They have “The Mason Jar.” And these are only a few of their offerings! An invaluable resource for the classical educator.


Aftercast is primarily an audioblog by Brandy Vencel, although she has occasionally included some exceptional guest interviews. This podcast also wins my personal award for best intro music of any podcast.

You may also enjoy:

Books, Reading, and the Literary Life

Read-Aloud Revival

Host Sarah Mackenzie inspires us to build our family culture around books, interviewing guests like Andrew Pudewa, Jim Weiss, and Rea Berg. My kids enjoy the final minutes of the show, a segment when children from around the world record messages with their personal book recommendations.

Bibliofiles (Center for Lit)

The Andrews family from Center for Lit have produced a show of depth and insight as they discuss and debate a Christian approach to literature, and more broadly the arts and culture as a whole. This is one of my favorite podcasts for my own professional development. I could also see this being a fabulous podcast to listen to with your high school student and to use as a jumping off point for discussion.

The Literary Life Podcast

Cindy Rollins and Angelina Stanford have created an amazing resource for anyone who desires to repair the ruins of their literary education or for anyone who already loves books but wants to deepen their literary understanding. Weekly book discussion series are interspersed with occasional guest interviews. This is such a fun one!

You may also enjoy:

Moms are People, too

A list of podcasts for homeschool moms wouldn’t be complete without some More-Than-Mom suggestions. Whether you want to learn something new, laugh about ridiculous topics, or listen in on a friendly chat, you’re sure to enjoy some of the following podcasts!

Bible and Theology

5 Minutes in Church History

Do you only have five minutes? Then you have time for this podcast! Stephen Nichols gives a brief introduction to people, events and places that have played a significant role in church history. (“Alexa, enable Church History”)

Flower Mound Women’s Bible Study

Jen Wilkins has made many of her bible study talks available for free in this podcast! I recently went through her study of James, and it was fabulous. Perfect for group bible study or personal devotions.

You may also enjoy:

Chats with Friends, Life-Long Learning, News, and Fun

Inside Trader Joe’s

No. For real. If you thought Trader Joe’s couldn’t get any better, you were wrong. They now have a podcast, and it is just as delightful as their peppermint Joe-Joes!

WSJ Tech News Briefing

My tech-loving son thoroughly enjoys this show, and it is short enough that I can listen, too, without getting too bored.  Ahem. But if you’re fascinated by all things tech, I think this would be a great show to add to your list!

You may also enjoy:

What are your favorite podcasts?

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16 thoughts on “There’s a Podcast for That: the best podcasts for homeschool moms”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love podcasts & enjoy many of these but am always looking for new ones to add to my list. I’ve also loved the At Home podcast and the Wild + Free podcast for homeschooling inspiration, Speaking with Joy and At Home with Sally from the Clarkson family. The Next Right Thing by Emily Freeman is also a must-listen for me!

  2. I was looking for a podcast that specifically addresses learning differences and that strives to encourage the homeschooling parent dealing with these challenges. Dyslexia, ADHD, autism, etc. Any recommendations ?

    1. Such a great question! Colleen Kessler’s podcast (and certainly her blog and facebook community) would be a good fit for you, I think, as she does a lot of work with children with varying types of challenges. ( Marianne Sunderland has a wonderful blog dealing with these issues ( and was interviewed on the homeschool snapshots podcast (here is a link directly to that episode: Shawna Wingert has written a book on the subject {aff link}) and was alson on the homeschool snapshots podcast ( The Fletchers with Homeschooling IRL have a special needs son, and some of their episodes touch on that ). Here is another episode I have not personally listened to, but would trust the source: I’d love for others to chime in if they have additional resources!

  3. Shawna and Marianne also passed along recommendations for The Parenting Survival Podcast as well as Dyslexia Quest. They aren’t specific to homeschooling, but are apparently really wonderful.

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  10. Thank you for the recommendations, I’m always on the search for great podcasts. I would add The World and Everything In It. It’s a weekday NPR style news show from a Biblical perspective. I cannot say enough good things about it.

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